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Monday, May 14, 2018


Wentworth Friends & Families
Thank you to the parents who attended the WWFF meeting last Tuesday. The minutes will be distributed later today.

WWFF Facebook
Detail regarding the WWFF Facebook page are as follows:
1.  Login to Facebook.
2.  Click on the 'Home' page at top right of your Facebook page.
3.  Click on 'Groups' down the left hand side of your Facebook page.
4.  In the Search field, type 'Wentworth Friends & Families'
5.  Click on the page and join the group.
This will send a message to the page Administrator who will then send you a message when you have been added to the Group.
Please Note:  This page is not administered by the school and it is not school property. When the WWFF group set up the Facebook page they also established a set of protocols regarding its use; these protocols are available when you sign up to join.