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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Families & Friends of Wentworth - Meeting and Christmas Party

Christmas party ideas coming together and flyers to be distributed to each child this coming Friday.
As a community gesture this time of year WWFF would like to ask parents to bring non-perishable goods to go into a hamper on the evening to donate to a community organisation for those in need at Christmas.

Games will come together following picnic dinners with some old fashioned fun – three legged race, egg-spoon race etc parent and child participation encouraged.
The school choir is currently practicing some singing for the evening thanks to Chris Sancto, and Shelli McLeish 

The evening will rap up with Santa who has been chosen and will be travelling on the fire truck from Manly station approx. 7.30pm, with a supply of ready made lolly parcels for the children, Santa suit kindly donated by Jenny Lucas.

Chris Donovan to check on availability of the gymnasium in the event of a rainy day.

Discussion about the school orientation booklet with ideas of content coming together, this will be introduced in term 1 of 2015.

Next meeting is to be held Tuesday 2 December 2.00pm at the school.