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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Families & Friends of Wentworth - Pre-Production Arrangements

Thanks to those who attended the meeting on Wednesday at the school, we are forming a good strong group of people who wish to assist the school and we all have talents to offer.

The school production costumes are looking fantastic and we discussed ongoing preparation for the 2 rehearsals coming up on the Friday and Monday prior to the show night. Make-up and hair are now on the agenda, we also discussed feeding the cast prior to the show and will need access to the school tech kitchen, the show time has been recommended to start now at 6.30pm which may suit more parents especially those travelling from the city. An email will be sent to parents with the new show time.

Carol and Lisa have volunteered to photograph the children.

We are talking term 4 and pulling together some events for parents and children to enjoy together hopefully one evening in the school grounds once the weather warms, there is also some talk of Christmas carols and if anyone has any music talent to help with the children we need to hear from you.

We are wanting to prepare a school orientation booklet for the 2015 year especially useful for new families in the school, we need your feedback of the content, so please could you send in suggestions as this will come together in term 4. If you are good at desk-top publishing – we need you.

Watch this space for more confirmed details once we have discussed ideas with the school, the next meeting will be Monday 29 October at 2.00pm (first day of term) at the school, all welcome, we’d love your help.